Woman quits job to earn six figures a month acting as a dog on OnlyFans

A 21-year-old lady now earns more than six figures per month after quitting her job to live like a dog full-time. Jenna Phillips, from Austin, Texas, claims that growing up, she frequently felt like a dog, though initially not in a sexual sense.

She used to act like a puppy by rolling around, chasing after balls, and adoringly receiving compliments like “good girl.” Jenny opened an OnlyFans account during her two years working as an optician, and for the first 18 months, she only posted “vanilla content.”

She didn’t decide to find out more about the “pet play scene” until she met two men in Chicago who informed her.”I feel like a puppy,” Jenna said. Just rolling about, playing fetch, getting head scratches, and playing around is all I want to do. each of those.

“I’ve always behaved like a puppy, though initially not in a sexual way. When I was little, I liked to pretend that I was a puppy. “I adore compliments. I enjoy saying “good girl.” Every time, it melts my heart.

“Now that I think about it, it seems to have always been there. I just assumed it was my personality because I was unaware that there was a scene. “Most girls play with kittens, foxes, or bunnies when it comes to pets, while most men play with puppies.

“When I initially started playing with pets, I gave the matter a lot of thought. I opted to be a dog since that’s how I feel. She started uploading sexier pet play videos to her OnlyFans account under the username “thatpuppygirl” after 18 months of posting “vanilla” stuff.

Her account really began to take off at this point. She now charges her followers £16, $20 per month to access her uncensored OnlyFans content, in which she chases after balls, goes around on a lead, and frequently takes baths while completely naked.

“Since I started posting puppy play content, my followers have significantly increased,” she continued.

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