Embarrassing T-Shirt Fails That Will Make You Laugh

People spend a lot of money on clothing because they believe that what they wear will influence how others perceive them and may even give them a glimpse into their personalities. Most t-shirts are basically a mix of phrases and names of renowned places, and they rarely make any sense at all.

This makes people search for something deeper, even if it means being foolish in front of everyone. Ironic t-shirts are the best since you can see right away that the writing doesn’t really apply to the person wearing them. However, since they made an effort to be humorous, we’ll award them an A+.

Don’t fall for the trap; it is one.

Extremely Embarrassing T-Shirt Fails That Will Make You Laugh and Cringe

If everyone tries to follow the instructions on the t-shirt, she’s probably going to regret purchasing it. I just hope they ask for permission first, unless they want to end up in jail, as I’m sure many people will want to unlock “it.” The iPhone “slide to unlock” contraption no longer looks like that, so even if it’s a cool t-shirt, you’ll need to acquire a new one.

Oh, that sounds like a good habit.

1. Awh that sounds like a fun hobby
Since many people don’t actually deserve to be in college—and yes, college is spelled with an e, not an a—this girl’s t-shirt only serves to highlight how unfit she is to be there. No one is this foolish, thus it could be photoshopped.

No, you’re just showing off your ignorance.

2. No, you're just making yourself look ignorant
This girl might have just enjoyed being thin without having to flaunt it in people’s faces, but she’s so self-assured that she wants to make everyone else feel horrible about their weight. People are intelligent enough to draw their own conclusions, therefore acting in such a shallow manner only serves to highlight how insecure she truly is because she always assumes that others are comparing themselves to her.

I’ll return in a moment.

3. I'll be back in a sec
Have you ever wondered how to attract the attention of every creep at a party? This girl has discovered the ideal method to achieve that goal quickly; to do it, she basically had to print an open invitation on her own t-shirt. I feel horrible for her friends since they’ll have to be on the watch for shady characters all the time.

A genuine invitation

5. An open invitation
It must hurt a lot to be this girl’s boyfriend and watch her wearing that t-shirt before going out to the club. However, you can’t entirely blame her because it appears like they have some sort of understanding that may be beneficial to both of them; otherwise, things could easily turn bad shortly after this photo was shot.

Are you certain of that?

10. Are you sure about that
This man is the ultimate douchebag because calling himself a chick magnet is the second doucheiest thing anyone could ever do, and writing it on a t-shirt is the absolute doucheiest thing anyone could ever do. The girl sitting next to him is so traumatised; perhaps he is holding her captive simply to get that shot.

I wouldn’t want to be close to her at all.

13. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near her...
By warning everyone that she might fart at any time, this girl is both helping everyone and possibly helping herself by getting as much privacy as possible. I don’t believe it’s worth it since now that everyone on the internet is aware of who she is and what she does, she may have even done it on purpose to get people to leave her alone.

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