Meet These 10 Beautiful Women Who Build Better Cars Than Man!

car and a female. auto mechanic. Most people don’t associate those two sentences with one another. Maybe it’s because we don’t often see female auto mechanics. Even in the United States, only 2% of all auto technicians were women as per the most recent data collection in 2013. Others might infer that women aren’t mechanically inclined to do the task, while some might claim that there are simply better employment available for women in the workforce. The fact that more women than men acquire cars is an even odd statistic. large scale. This is supported by numerous stories from websites like Forbes and the Chicago Tribune. In the US, more women than men have licences.

So why don’t we see more women working as mechanics? Several women who we spoke with regarding this issue claim that the main reason is that they see the industry as a guys’ club. Many women expressed their desire to be able to repair their own vehicles but expressed fear of doing so. But the most frequently cited explanation was that women thought they needed a genuine affinity or enthusiasm for the work. Discover some ladies who are just as passionate as many men about working on all kinds of automobiles. These women have repeatedly demonstrated their superior ability to disassemble and rebuild cars compared to many male technicians.

10.Part-time model + Car Mechanic Tantin Legaspi Meneses

I'm the world's hottest mechanic… blokes constantly ask me out but I'm more  interested in their motors | The Sun

Tantin Legaspi Meneses, a part-time model who calls herself a “proud Filipina beauty,” has been working with motors for more than ten years. At the age of 15, she first picked up a wrench.
The 26-year-old claimed that because her primary focus is on her career, sexist remarks from guys don’t upset her.

Tantin, a Filipino woman, claimed that she “doesn’t require any approval from anyone” and that it is “distracting” for males to stare at her while she is working.

“Guys who come and watch me work ask questions and chitchat, but I simply genuinely want to get the job done as quickly as I can without distractions,” she said in an interview with The Sun.

“I’ve only recently learned to ignore them.

“I didn’t become a mechanic to impress men or anyone else. I did it for myself.”

9.She’ll Wipe The Floor With Your Car – Cheyenne Ruether

When your first vehicle is a 1967 Buick Skylark, you immediately establish some street cred. Cheyenne had developed sufficient mechanical knowledge by that point to maintain the vehicle. She was raised in Alberta, Canada, by a family of mechanics and had been playing with cars since she was six years old. She grew up to become an expert mechanic, always doing her job with the utmost professionalism, but by that time she already owned numerous vehicles and still enjoyed tinkering with and fine-tuning them. An impressive collection of muscle cars, including a 1939 GMC Truck, a Cadillac Escalade, and even a 1959 Chevy Apache, are owned by Cheyenne, who has always had a passion for them.

8.Need for Speed’s Emelia Hartford

There seems to be very nothing that Emelia Hartford can’t manage, whether she’s working as a mechanic, motor racer, or Hollywood actress. Emelia, a fellow Nissan tuner, is constantly working modifying her numerous vehicles, but she seems to like her LS1-swapped 240sx, which she uses to enjoy drifting on tracks. She also has other vehicles, including a Subaru waggon for daily use and a Toyota Prius that she uses as a “utility truck.” Emelia advises modifying a Pontiac GTO rather than a 4th-generation Camaro, according to an article from American Cars American Girls. This woman is really intelligent.

7.You Can’t Out-Mechanic Her-Faye Hadley

Faye is an excellent example of a brilliant, successful person who had a happy upbringing, grew up in a loving family, and graduated from Harvard with a degree in psychology. Oddly, she felt that it wasn’t enough. She had an obsession with fixing cars and teaching people how to do it. Through a VW school, she committed to a career in auto repair, and a few years later, she was prepared. She established her own mobile vehicle repair business, Pistons and Pixie Dust, where she also doubles as a teacher. The majority of her clients are educated women, but Faye claims that via her educating, fixing things, and delicious barbecues, they all end up feeling like family.

6.Not Afraid Of Grease-Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner

In Phoenix, Arizona, Bogi is the proprietor of 180° Automotive and an ASE Certified Master Technician. The auto repair process is made as comfortable as possible at her facility. Through the shop’s website, Bogi also provides a study centre, enabling people to make knowledgeable decisions regarding auto repairs. Bogi has also contributed to the Velocity network’s reality programme “All Girl’s Garage.” It’s ironic how successful she was given the early difficulties she had getting local businesses to hire a female technician. “Bogi” is the name of Karma.

5.Drag racer dominator-Nicole Lyons

Nicole is well known throughout the world for being one of the top professional race car drivers. Nicole has happy recollections of helping her father and mentor Jack Davis at his engine shop when she thinks back on her early years. Nicole began to take on bigger chores, including rebuilding engines, as her skills improved. She focused on becoming the best she could because drag racing was her passion. She eventually made history by being the first African American woman to compete in both the ARDL Top Classes and the NHRA Top Sportsman and Comp classes in the same season. She served as the show’s engine expert on the reality TV programme “Car Warriors.”

4.Very Few Men Have Nadine Callaghan’s Experience

Nadine believes that when she accepted a position for a BMW apprenticeship, she had finally landed her “dream career.” She put a lot of effort into getting where she is, but we are sure it was worthwhile. Although she had played around with several makes of vehicles, BMWs were always her favourites. she could get her hands on any BMW. The BMW 320d Transport was her very first vehicle. Nadine feels that she is where she should be even though her apprenticeship has only been going for a few weeks. She gives tribute to her late father James and her Cavan Institute teacher Robert Ledwith for encouraging her to be the greatest version of herself.

3.Madalena Antas

Madalena Antas is more akin to a force of nature than anything else, possessing beauty, intelligence, and more than enough mechanical skill to put most men in the dust. The Rio de Janeiro race car driver enjoys taking part in rallies. She began her career by taking home two National Off-Road Championships, and she has only improved and grown more self-assured since then. She undoubtedly inherited this self-assurance from her mother Theresa, who took part in the Paris-Le Cap Dakar race but finished last. Maybe Madalena will pick up this torch someday and carry forth her mother’s legacy.

2.Car designer and Builder-Helen Stanley

Motor Pickers interview with the cast | Freesat

Anyone who has watched the television programme “Goblin Works Garage” would undoubtedly recognise Helen, one of the presenters/designers on the programme. Her self-description is “lifelong petrol head.” Helen enjoys designing and creating unique historic automobiles for her customers, constantly striving to give her designs a dash of attitude and Rock and Roll punch. She also runs a website called Quarter Mile Style, which allows her a platform for discussing various viewpoints on automobiles and motorcycles by mainly emphasising the customising sector of the automotive industry. It’s never a negative thing when people like Helen encourage a new generation of gearheads.

1.Car Queen-Ckaneda

These 23 Women Build Cars Better Than Any Dude

Many of the extremely car-obsessed individuals we’ve encountered before fall short of Ckaneda, an entrepreneur and Instagram superstar. It would be the biggest understatement of the year to say she “likes” Subarus. Her clothing store, Anorak Apparel, caters to other female “Subie Girl” gearheads and is solely focused on Subaru products. We can understand why Ckaneda enjoys maintaining the details and tinkering on her Subaru WRX-STI. The vehicle is in excellent condition, and WRXs are renowned for allowing owners to modify them to their hearts’ content, much like Ckaneda’s tattoos let her to show her unique personality.

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