When Young Woman Married an old Man

A young good looking woman married an old man.

The marriage was pretty good except for the bedroom.

The old man just couldn’t please her.

One day they decided to go to the doctor.

The woman told the doctor:

“No matter how long or often we try,

he just can’t please me.”

The doctor said: “I have a solution for your problem.

You guys have to find a younger man

and take him with you into the bedroom.”

The old man was a little angry. “What the hell is the

young man supposed to do he asked?”

The doctor replied: “The younger man will wave

towel at your wife while you guys are intimate.”

So they found a young good looking guy

who was willing to wave a towel at the old man’s wife,

while he was trying to please her.

They tried over and over, but he still couldn’t please his wife.

After many tries his wife suggested to sw@p the mens roles.

The old man wasn’t very happy about it, but agreed.

So the young guy got on his wife and

they started having int@rcourse.

The old man waved the towel at his wife and watched them.

After a minute his wife was finally pleased.

And the old guy told the young man:

“This is how you’re supposed to wave the towel you fu*king moron.”

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