Watch the Drone Footage of NEOM’s THE LINE: Saudi Arabia’s 170km city cutting straight through the desert

THE LINE won’t have any roads, automobiles, or pollution and will run entirely on renewable energy.

MEOM, Saudi Arabia, The Line
THE LINE is a linear metropolis that will be constructed on a footprint that is only 34 square kilometres large. It is situated within NEOM in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Over nine million people will eventually reside in the metropolis. The city can meld into the surrounding landscape thanks to its mirror facade.

THE LINE will run on 100% renewable energy, have no roads, automobiles, or emissions, and preserve 95% of the area for nature because to its smaller infrastructural footprint. The city is designed to place a higher priority on health and happiness than on transportation and infrastructure.

The city will only be 200 metres wide, 170 kilometres long, and 500 metres above sea level. It will have a perfect climate all year long and a high-speed rail system that will allow people to travel from point A to point B in just 20 minutes.

Nature access and overall quality of life

Within a two-minute walk across its varied open spaces, suspended on numerous levels, the forward-thinking architecture provides quick and uninterrupted access to nature. All people will have equal access to the surrounding mountains, sky, and natural landscape while preventing urban growth because of a smaller infrastructural footprint.

fresh air

By getting rid of carbon-intensive infrastructure like vehicles and highways, the city will be carbon neutral. Even the operations of its industries will run entirely on renewable energy.

Availability and comfort

A five-minute stroll will take you to everything you need for daily life, and a 20-minute trip on the public transportation system will get you there. Artificial intelligence will be the driving force behind automated services. More leisure time will result from fewer commutes. According to NEOM, citizens’ discretionary earnings will increase because they won’t have to pay for things like auto insurance, gas, and parking.

ideal weather all year long

An ideal combination of sunlight, shade, and natural ventilation has been built into the environment to facilitate the formation of microclimatic areas. Additionally, the city’s green open spaces will improve comfort for those who live, work, and visit the city.

Living in zero gravity will result in a higher density footprint, which will improve the human experience and open up new commercial prospects. By 2030, more than 380,000 new jobs are anticipated to be generated.

“THE LINE will address the problems that humanity is currently confronting in urban living and will shed light on alternate lifestyles. We cannot ignore the livability and environmental crises that our cities are facing, and NEOM is leading the charge in providing innovative solutions to deal with these problems, according to Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the NEOM Company Board of Directors.

To make the concept of building upwards a reality, “NEOM is directing a team of the best minds in architecture, engineering, and construction,” he continued.

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