Trouble Boy in the Class

Class 3 have a boy who is always in trouble, he is constantly
upsetting the other children and damaging the school
property. Eventually, a letter is sent home to his parents
saying the school has put up with his bad behaviour long

enough. This morning, they found him masturbating in
class so they have expelled him. The letter continues: “I
suggest you talk to your son about his dirty little habit as
soon as possible. Tell him he’ll go blind if he carries on.
Yours sincerely, Headmaster.”
When the boy’s dad hears about the expulsion, mum
suggests he goes upstairs and has a “heart-to-heart” with his
son and also explain what might happen if he continues
masturbating. So dad goes upstairs, into his son’s bedroom
and starts to talk to him.
“Wait a minute, dad,” says the boy, “I’m over here.”

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