Three men died and satan asked the question How Many Women Have You Been With?

Three men died and were greeted by Satan at the gates of hell. Welcome, you sinners! Here in hell, your rank and your mode of transportation is based on your Your experiences with women. And then he asks the first man, How many were you with? The man thinks and says, I think it must have been two, my first long -time girlfriend with whom we were together for almost 20 years, and then my wife for the remaining 20 years of my life. The Satan looked at the man and said, boring? Here is your roller skates. He took off with his roller skates, and then the Satan asked the second man, How many were you with? He answers, well, I was known as a lady’s man. I have been with five women. The Satan started to laugh and said, that’s nothing. Here’s a bicycle for you. Now it was time for the last man, so he said, I wasn’t a big lady’s man, but when I was younger, I took part in an Ignorant and had a good 20 women that time, later only my wife for the rest of my life. The Satan thought about it long and then finally said, well, that still counts up to 21, so here’s a scooter for you. A couple of weeks later, they all met and they were wondering why the third man was crying. What happened to you? You at least got a scooter, so you should be happy. I know, he said and continued. But I just saw my wife driving a Rolls Royce.

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