A woman spread her legs and said to a man come and get busy…

A woman had been shopping the whole day at the mall and was almost ready to go back home. When she noticed a tattoo artist doing a really amazing tattoo for this one woman, she goes closer to take a look and is absolutely amazed how talented the man is. Once the tattoo artist finished his work, he asked the lady, would you have any special tattoo on your mind that you would like to do? The woman thinks for a while, well, I do have something on my mind. So she finally agrees to have herself a tattoo mate and goes back home to her husband and says to him, honey, I just got myself two tattoos. The man looked at her confused and asked, where? The proud woman answered, between my legs. The man was both confused and excited at the same time and shouts, show me. So, the woman got on a chair and spread her legs to show him. The man was looking at the left leg first, which had a Santa Claus on it. Then he looked at the other one, which had turkey on it. Confused, he asks, what’s with Santa Claus and turkey? The woman makes a big smile and says, you know how you always say that there is good eating between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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