Tarzan knew nothing about love when he met Jane

So Jane decide to teach him in a way that he would understand. “listen Tarzan, what you’ve got between your legs is a dirty rag and what I have between my legs is a washing machine. So you just have to wash your rag in my washing machine.” Tarzan began to grow extremely fond of his newfound s*xuality and on a normal day he would “wash” his rag over 30 times! Jane became exhausted and decided to avoid Tarzan whenever he was horny. At first Tarzan was confused and angry so he retreated into the jungle.. After some time Jane was again in need of the D but could not find Tarzan anywhere. After a long search she found him and asked him where had he been and why hadn’t he searched for her washing machine anymore… He replied: “Tarzan learn to wash by hand”

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