Top 6 destinations, where it is possible to rent a wife for some money

1. Iran

Temporary Marriages (Sigheh): In Iran, temporary marriages known as “sigheh” or “mut’ah” are legal under Shia Islamic law. These marriages can last from a few hours to several years and provide a legal framework for short-term relationships. While legal and religiously sanctioned, they are controversial and can be seen as exploitative.


Nata Pratha: In some regions of India, particularly in Rajasthan, there is a practice called “Nata Pratha” where a woman can enter into a temporary marriage arrangement for a certain period. This practice is controversial and often criticized for exploiting women’s economic vulnerabilities.

3. Japan

Rent-a-Family Services: In Japan, there are services where individuals can rent actors to play family roles, including wives. These services are not about intimate relationships but more about companionship and social appearances. They highlight societal pressures and loneliness rather than exploitation.

4. Kyrgyzstan

Ala Kachuu (Bride Kidnapping): Although illegal, the practice of “ala kachuu,” or bride kidnapping, still occurs in Kyrgyzstan. This practice is highly controversial and condemned internationally as a violation of women’s rights.

5. Kenya

Wife Sharing and Temporary Arrangements: In some Kenyan communities, there are practices where women can enter into temporary arrangements with men for financial support. These arrangements can sometimes be akin to informal temporary marriages but are often criticized for their exploitative nature.

6. Nigeria

Wife Leasing in Certain Communities: In some Nigerian communities, practices exist where women can be leased to men for certain periods. These practices are culturally specific and often contested within the country.

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