Soldier Gets His Tool Blown

A soldier gets his p*nis blown off in jungle combat and is sent to the closest field hospital.

The doctor at the field hospital says sorry son your p*nis is completely blown off, there is nothing I can do.. well there is something but it would be completely experimental .

The next morning the soldier wakes up and slowly lifts the sheets only to see a baby elephant trunk had been sewn on were his p*nis used to be.

At first, he is upset but can’t help but admire the length and girth of his new p*nis. The doctor tells him not to worry and to return in a week for a checkup.

Two days later the soldier is back in his office. Why are you back so soon, is there a problem with your p*nile implant?

Yes says the soldier, every time I try to eat something my p*nis takes it from me and shoves it up my @ss.

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