Older Couple are having Bed Problems

An older gentleman and his wife are having problems with their s*x life

Norm and Flo take a trip to the doctor’s and old Norm explains that they still enjoy an active s*x life but in the past 5 years Flo has never reached an 0rg@sm.

The doctor, who incidentally is a very handsome and fit young man, is curious. Being a bit of a maverick the young Doc thinks he knows what the issue is but asks if they would mind str!pp!ng off and getting down to it right there in his surgery.

“I suspect the issue is related to your wife overheating during !nterc0urse” explains the young Doctor, who starts to waft a towel beside the couple who are now humping away on the examination table.

After a few minutes, nothing is happening and ol Norm, getting increasingly agitated, keeps glancing up at the doctor, who continues to fan them with the towel.

Eventually Norm, clearly a bit frustrated, suggests that he swaps places with the Doc.

The doc agrees and hands the towel to Norm before jumping up on old Flo. Norm starts fanning the couple and the Doc gets down to business with Flo.

Within minutes Flo is screaming in passion as she climaxes for the first time in years.

“Yeeeehaaa, Doc”‘ exclaims Norm triumphantly punching the air “now that’s how you waft a towel!!”

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