Millie Bobby Brown says she doesn’t understand why so many people hate her

Being hated on when you don’t yet know who you are is really difficult.
According to Millie Bobby Brown, who has spoken out about being the target of trolls, she doesn’t know why people despise her.

Millie Bobby Brown, who is only 18 years old, has already endured more online abuse and harassment than the majority of people do throughout their whole lifetime. The constant trolling, Millie said in an interview with Vogue Hong Kong earlier this year, made her afraid to walk down the street. “It was always mostly social media and the media that would give me the greatest worry,” she said.

Millie has now detailed why she avoids social media in general and how difficult it is to be despised as a teenager.

According to Millie, she is still perplexed as to why “being herself generates so much vitriol.”

It’s extremely difficult to be hated when you don’t yet know who you are, according to Millie. I’m left wondering, “What do they dislike about me? I have no idea who I am.” It almost seems like saying, “Okay, I’ll try being this today.” They follow that by saying, “Oh no, I hate that.” ‘Okay. Ignore that. Today, I’m going to strive to be this. I swear to God! When you do that, I detest it.

“Then you just start shutting down because you wonder, ‘Who am I meant to be?'” she continued. Who is it I’m supposed to be for them?

I then began to develop further, with a lot of help from my family and friends. Understanding that I don’t have to be anything that they claimed I had to be was helpful.

Millie concluded, “I just have to grow within myself. I took that action. She emphasized, though, that it still has an impact on her and stated, “That’s what I’m doing.”

On the Florence by Mills website, Millie acknowledged that she “only speaks directly to fans via blog posts” these days. Because “nobody can comment,” according to Millie, she like it that way.

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