Kristin Davis Says She’s ‘Terrible’ At Casual S-x And Reveals Plans To Educate Her Daughter

The iconic television program S-x and the City will be used by Kristin Davis to teach her daughter Gemma Rose, who is 10 years old.

In a recent interview with The Times, Davis remembered a moment when her daughter Gemma saw her in a SATC scene while they were flying.
The 56-year-old And Just Like That diva has since said that her daughter will use the show as a “educational tool.”

Davis, a mother of a three-year-old son named Wilson, said she used to find it “a bit terrifying” to talk to her children about SATC, but she’s now open to it during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Even though I’m highly controlling, she admitted: “Now that she’s older and now that she’s getting exposed to all this things from her peers… I’m considering using it as a teaching resource.

“I don’t want her to be ashamed.” She needs to talk to me. Since I’m a single mother, it’s crucial. Keep them chatting, please.

S-x and the City, you know, is kind of an instructive kind of thing… for later.

The star of S-x and the City, Kristin Davis, has spoken up about dating, s-x, and parenting and admitted she finds casual s-x to be “awful.”

The actor portrays the prim and proper Charlotte York-Goldenblatt in the program. He also stars in the SATC reboot, And Just Like That. Davis has never been married and recently opened up to The Times about her dating life, despite the fact that her character is supposedly married to Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler) for a long time.

“No, no.” She remarked, “I don’t have time for dating. “I don’t mean I’m not dating, but I’m not actively dating,” you say. The celebrity claimed to be “open to the unexpected,” nevertheless.

I’m sure everybody who has dated me is reading this and saying, like, “Yes, she was never good at it,” concluded the 56-year-old mother of two, who adopted both of her children, Gemma Rose, 10, and Wilson, 3.

In season three of SATC, the actor’s character Charlotte famously quipped, “I’ve been dating since I was fifteen.” I’m worn out. “Where is he?” He acknowledges that he finds dating “tough.”
I’m really awful at casual s-x, she admitted. She reflected on her first s-xual encounters and said, “You know, it’s funny too, you look back and you’re like, “Did I realize it was casual s-x?” I’m not certain.

For the time being, Davis stated that she prefers “serious stuff” than “small conversation.”

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