Little Johnny’s parents want some “Alone Time”

whenever Little Johnny’s parents wanted some alone time they would send him out

to the front porch with a bowl of ice cream this worked for a while but

eventually Little Johnny started eating the ice cream too quickly and would come

back inside before his parents were done so one day his mom came up with another

idea to keep him occupied while bringing him out to the front porch she said

Johnny once you you finished your ice cream I want you to survey the whole

neighborhood and then report back on your findings he thought it was a fun

idea and agreed then his mom hurried back inside after finishing his ice

cream Little Johnny looked around the neighborhood then after a few minutes he

walked to his parents window and yelled the Henderson got a new car his mom

yelled back that’s great keep looking after a few more minutes of surveying

Johnny yelled up to the window again the Bakers are planting flowers his dad

yelled back good job keep looking little Johnny went back to surveying the area

but after 5 minutes he ran back up to the parents window and yelled Mr and Mrs

Johnson are banging suddenly the commotion in the parents bedroom stopped

and after a few seconds of Silence his mom popped her head out the window and

asked how do you know the Johnson’s are banging Little Johnny replied because

their son Timmy is sitting on the front porch with a bowl of ice cream.

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