Kelly Brook, 40, declares s-x gets better with age and that boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, 35, likes a ‘confident, curvy woman’

  • Kelly Brook, 40, declares s-x gets better with age .
  • she said that her  boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, 35, likes a ‘confident, curvy woman’.


Kelly Brook has claimed that she enjoys having s-x more as she gets older.

On a brand-new podcast called Feeling Fab At 40, the 40-year-old model and radio host opened up about her s-x life with her hot lover Jeremy Parisi, 35.

She cited the fact that the hot-blooded Italian enjoys a “curvy woman” as an advantage in explaining why she feels more comfortable telling him what she likes in bed.

She stated: “My partner is 35 and he’s Italian, so, you know, he likes a great giant voluptuous woman so that’s always a good thing!” on Vicky Pattison’s podcast, “The Secret To…” I believe that as you get older, your s-xu-l life improves!

You develop confidence! You are not as preoccupied with things. You understand what you like. You are less afraid to tell them what you enjoy since you know yourself. When you’re young, you keep it to yourself. They ask, “Is that nice? ” or something like, and you respond, “Yeah!” You’re going to make sure you get what you want when you’re older!

After beginning their relationship in 2015, the couple has been together for almost five years.

Kelly’s ex-boyfriends include people like actor Billy Zane, tough guy Jason Statham, and rugby star Danny Cipriani.

While the coronavirus lockdown caused her to gain a few pounds, she reportedly claimed she is “not bothered” about her “weight creeping up.”

I love to cook and am a great foodie, Kelly said to new! magazine. I wasn’t at all shocked to see my weight gradually increase over the past few weeks.

Even though I’ve put on a few pounds, I’m not concerned. I am confident in SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan how I will handle my weight loss ups and downs so I can resume my plan. It is simple and effective. Diets shouldn’t be about deprivation; after all, they must be maintainable.

The Piranha 3D actress regularly goes trampolining, goes on walks in the city, and has allocated rooms in her home for Pilates and yoga in an effort to stay active.

In order to fit her hectic schedule—which includes co-hosting Heart Radio’s drivetime show with Jason King—Kelly, who has also constructed a “small coffee shop and gin bar” at her country home in Kent, has begun to experiment with batch cooking soups and meals.

In a recent interview with HELLO! magazine, the One Big Happy actress discussed her two weight losses and insisted that her new body had made her feel “beautiful again.”

She acknowledged that she had been lying to herself about her weight gain as she thought back to a time when photographers instructed her to “breathe in” while she was on the red carpet.

‘I creeped up to a size 16,’ she recounted. I assumed my jeans had shrunk in the washer when they started to feel tight.

I wanted to feel good again since “I definitely didn’t feel my healthiest or most beautiful.”

Kelly continued by saying that her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi doesn’t care about her weight and that she is now her “size s-xy” at a size 12.

He loves me no matter what size I am, she said. He was completely unaware of my weight gain. Such things are unimportant to him.



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