Jessica Alba finds s-x scenes ‘disgusting’ and ‘weird.’

Jessica Alba is one of the most well-known actors in the world, as well as a successful entrepreneur. Alba has been married to her husband, Cash Warren, for a long time and is a busy working mother of three children.

Alba has filmed a lot of love scenes over the years, including a few that required her to str-p down to her underwear. Alba is apparently not a fan of filming love sequences, and she revealed in a 2019 interview that she finds s-x scenes “disgusting.”

Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, came down for an interview with The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast in early 2019. Alba and Warren discussed s-x scenes in the interview, with Warren stating that he doesn’t mind actresses doing s-x scenes with other attractive stars.

Alba, on the other hand, was of a different mind, saying, “That’s the difference between me and you…

Most of the time, it’s disgusting because they’re usually strangers.”

Alba confessed that filming s-x scenes is “strange” for her because she doesn’t know the other person.

Alba explained, “When you choose to be with someone in that way, it’s really int-m-te, like you’re breathing on them.” “And everything is there, and you’re smelling the skin… You have to pick who you’re doing it with, and you have to act like you’re pretending.”

Alba also revealed that it can take days to thoroughly shoot a love scene, dispelling the myth that every day on set is glamorous and enjoyable.

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