Julianne Moore ‘hated’ filming intm-te scene directed by husband

Julianne Moore says she “hated” filming a private scene with another actor in front of her director husband.

The Oscar-winning actress, who has been married to Bart Freundlich for 16 years, makes an appearance in the movie “After the Wedding.” She had to talk to Billy Crudup in the shower while completely naked in one sequence.
She admitted to ES Magazine that she “didn’t like” acting out intimate scenarios in general and that her husband also found it difficult to observe.

I hated the situation in the bathroom, she exclaimed. Why do we have to do this, I thought? However, I don’t particularly enjoy doing it with others.

Bart doesn’t like seeing the 58-year-old actress in close quarters, according to the actress.

He doesn’t like it either when I do it in a movie, but I believe it’s easier when it’s his film, she continued.

After 16 years of marriage, Moore, 58, and Freundlich, 49, had two children: Caleb, 21, and Liv, 17.

The protagonist of “After the Wedding” is Isabel, a charity worker played by Michelle Williams, whose life is turned upside down when she meets Theresa Young, a philanthropist played by Julianne Moore.
Since successful women are frequently portrayed on television as being unable to have both a great work and a happy home life, Moore was intrigued to the role because she wanted to remove the “mythology” surrounding them.


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