Lady Victoria Hervey, 45, suffers a wardrobe malfunction

During the Sunday night Cannes Film Festival screening of Forever Young (Les Amandiers), Lady Victoria Hervey experienced a wardrobe mishap.

In an extremely sensual gold tulle gown that dipped low to display her huge cleavage, the 45-year-old socialite went braless.
But Victoria ended up revealing more than just her cleavage as the slinky cloth that was hiding her endowments came loose.

Additionally, the outfit had side cutouts that showed off her tiny waist and flowed into a sparkling skirt.
She had elegantly done half-updo for her hair and wore a full face of makeup.

The Miami resident admitted to the Daily Mail last year that she never wears a mask and that she “storms out” of any stores that urge her to do so.

Despite this, she emphasised that she is not a hypocrite despite starting a business distributing PPE at the beginning of the pandemic.

Braless: Lady Victoria Hervey, 45, suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a very racy cut-out gown as she made eye-popping red carpet outing at Cannes Film Festival on Sunday

Uh oh! The socialite, 45, went braless in a very racy gold tulle gown, but when the skimpy material covering her assets fell loose, Victoria ended up showing more than merely her cleavage

Wow: The garment also featured cut-outs on the sides to reveal her trim waist and flowed into a shimmering skirt

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