Jom and Terry are on a Road Trip

Two friends, Jom and Terry, are on a road trip to Portland, Oregon, when their car breaks down.

Along the way, on a long dusty stretch of nowhere in the midwest, the radiator gives out. It’s an old beater anyway, and probably had only a couple years of life left. But Jom decides that they have to push the car to their destination. While Terry says that’s a crazy idea, and they should just walk there instead. One thing leads to another, and soon enough they’re in a full blown shouting match. Jom stand on one side of the road, Terry on the other. A tumbleweed tumble weeds between them. Jom insults Terry’s mother, and in a fit of rage, Terry hits him with a cast iron frying pan. It kills him instantly.

A few days later, at Jom’s funeral, his headstone reads:

RIP Jom, 1994-2024
He died of dissing Terry on the Oregon Trail.

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