Jimmy John went to into a br0thel

One day Jimmy John went to into a br0thel on the west coast of Canada.

He was greeted by a stunning hostess that politely asked how they can be of service.

Jimmy, with his Newfoundland accent says: “ I would like to see Peggy Sue.”

The hostess replies: “ok, she is just finishing up and will be with you momentarily.”

Peggy Sue comes out and leads Jim John into the back where she immediately gets right to business. Peg says “$100 for a bj and $200 for the full meal deal.” Jimmy hands her 200 and she rocks his world.

The next day, Jim comes back, at the same time and asks the same hostess to see Peggy Sue. This time, Peg was on standby and ready. Peggy, remembering Jimmy, asked him if he wanted to do the same as the day before. Jim nods, hands peg 2 c-notes and away they go.

The third day, Jim is back. The hostess says: “let me guess, you’re here to see Peggy Sue.” Jimmy replied “yes bye!” The hostess directed him down the hall to the back room where she was.

Peggy, now warming up to Jimmy starts to get into a little small talk with him. She asks Jimmy John: “where are you from? Jim proudly says: “St. John’s, Newfoundland!” Peggy’s expression shows even more curiosity as she says: “so am I! What neighborhood do you live in? !” Jim replies: “East Meadows.” Startled, Peggy Sue says “my parents live in East Meadows!” Jimmy John says: “I know. They’re next door to me and asked me to bring you $600.”

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