Jennifer Aniston desperate struggle to have kids and bitter regret at not freezing her eggs

On the cover of Allure, Jennifer Aniston, 53, displays her great form while discussing her inability to conceive and her sorrow at not preserving her eggs, confessing “the ship has sailed.”

In a new interview with Allure, Jennifer Aniston bares all, both physically and emotionally. Posing for a breathtaking photoshoot, she displays her amazing form in a small Chanel bra while discussing her excruciating inability to conceive children.

The 53-year-old told the magazine that she regrets not freezing her eggs earlier in life. She also revealed that she “threw everything” at her infertility battle, including IVF and “drinking Chinese teas” in a last-ditch effort to get pregnant.

She also criticised the persistent claims that any of her ex-husbands — she was married to both Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt — had filed for divorce because she “wouldn’t give him a kid.”

“I was hoping to conceive.” My journey toward parenthood was difficult for me, she stated, noting that it had taken place “a number of years ago.”

It was quite difficult to deal with all the years and years and years of speculation. Chinese teas, IVF, you name it, I was doing it all. Everything I had was being thrown at it.

The actress continued by saying that she now accepts the fact that she will never become pregnant and that someone had advised her to preserve her eggs when she was younger.

“I would have given anything if you had told me, “Get your eggs frozen. Be kind to yourself “You simply don’t consider it. I am now where I am. The ship has left port.

Jennifer, who spent ten years (1994–2004) as the lead actress on the popular sitcom Friends, acknowledged that she was too preoccupied with her career to consider whether she might want to settle down and start a family in the future. However, she lashed out at the persistent criticism she received for not becoming pregnant during her five-year marriage to Pitt.

“I only thought about my career.” God forbid a woman achieves success without bearing children, she added. And I refused to have children, which is why my spouse left me, our relationship ended, and we divorced. They were flat-out lies. At this point, I have nothing to conceal.

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