Khloe Kardashian had to wear a bandage 24/7 after having tumor removed from her face following skin cancer scare

After having a tumour removed from her face following a skin cancer scare, Khloe Kardashian says her scar is “healing so well,” but it “hasn’t been easy” wearing a bandage around the clock.

Following a skin cancer scare, Khloe Kardashian had to have a tumour removed from her face. She has since given an update on her recovery.


Whether she is running errands or attending high-profile events, Khloe has been wearing a bandage on the left side of her face in the weeks following surgery.


The 38-year-old creator of Good American also disclosed on Tuesday that her scar is “healing so well” and that her doctors advised her to keep it covered for at least six months.

Her update occurred after a supporter praised the celebrity on Twitter for being devoted to wearing her bandage despite her hectic schedule.

They also questioned when she would be able to eventually take it off.

It won’t make my scar any wider than it needs to be, but trust me, it’s not easy. It’s healing so beautifully right now, Khloe retorted.

Khloe claimed she has been giving her scar “laser treatments” to help with scarring, and that the scar is “healing so incredibly wonderfully.”


According to Heathline, concentrated light therapy is used in laser treatments, which can be pricey, to either remove the skin’s outer layer or to encourage the growth of new skin cells to cover injured skin cells.

When asked about wearing the bandage for six months, Khloe responded, “I’m not sure I will go that long.”


Khloe originally revealed the facts of the health issue in October, saying that after finally having a persistent bump on her cheek examined, doctors advised her to have a “urgent procedure.”


Khloe, who has a melanoma risk factor, was relieved to hear that her surgeon was able to “remove everything” and that her margins now appear “clean.”


The “ever-evolving bandage” on the reality star’s cheek has been the subject of rumours, so she felt obligated to finally tell her story.

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