How Katie Holmes father schemed to get money out of Tom Cruise divorce

You may be curious as to why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ engagement took so long to conclude.

Holmes’ father, it turned out, was busy finalising the prenuptial agreement. According to sources, the contract “filled five bankers’ boxes” with its length. Tom Cruise appeared to have signed the prenuptial agreement, however it is unknown what he thought of it.

Martin Holmes, an attorney, allegedly represented his daughter in the discussions, according to The Star.

Martin Holmes reportedly “played hardball with the prenup discussions” to make sure his daughter would receive “a lump sum payout in the millions” if the marriage ended before the five-year threshold, according to the newspaper.

Fortunately for Katie, the prenup accelerated the divorce procedure; in particular, it was “shockingly rapid” by Hollywood standards. Their divorce case was “settled in a mere 11 days,” according to Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair went on to say, however, that Katie’s father’s plan involved more than just safeguarding his daughter. They remind out that Martin Holmes, a divorce lawyer, wanted to help Katie “escape” from Scientology, which was thought to be the bigger issue because many people think Tom is under the authority of this cult.

When Katie became pregnant, Martin had an advantage because marriage was certain and would present several opportunities for legal consultations and that crucial prenup.

The Holmes family would never inform Katie if they believed her marriage was doomed from the start, but they are urging her to hold out in order to safeguard not just her interests but also those of her child, the insider told the magazine at the time.

However, renowned divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told The Scoop that if Holmes and Cruise don’t have a prenup, “forget a lawyer, they need psychiatrists.” Holmes and Cruise’s rep didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Daddy was cool with Katie hooking up before the wedding, but he still made sure she would be paid more than average for the lease if she choose to use herself as an alien incubator.

By maintaining her career during her marriage, Katie added another layer of protection to her hard-earned wealth. Even though she wasn’t nearly as active in Hollywood during her marriage to Tom, she did work on a number of projects.

Katie Holmes worked in at least nine Hollywood productions, including movies and TV episodes, between 2006 and 2012, the time period of Holmes and Cruise’s marriage.

Given that Suri was born in 2006 and Tom’s faith has frequently implied that there are stringent regulations regarding things like delivery and, most likely, childrearing, it is unclear whether Tom would have approved of her continuing to work.

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