“I’ve Had S-x With Several Cast Members,” Says Anna Paquin

There is much of s*x in True Blood. You’d think that having to shoot some of the s*xiest and hottest sequences in television while being completely n@ked would make the cast a little uneasy.
No, Anna Paquin asserts.

She told me at the TB’s seventh—and final—season premiere, “Actually, it’s not really unpleasant because we’re all like kind of intimate and buddies. “It’s like, “Oh, you put your hand there, I’ll put my leg there.” I don’t care; whatever.”

I’ve had s*x with a number of the cast members of the programme, definitely on camera, according to Paquin.

Even in s*x sequences with other actors, Paquin was directed by her on-screen spouse and co-star Stephen Moyer.

It ought to be strange, but it isn’t, Paquin remarked. “Our family is quite close-knit.”

Moyer and Paquin intend to take some time off while our favourite vampires, fairies, shape-shifters, and other characters grow closer to saying goodbye to Bon Temps.

When you work on a series for this long, you have the luxury of having some downtime, according to Moyer. And because I’ve never stopped before, I’m very eager to do nothing.

Joe Manganiello said, “Bloody, s*xy, and complete” when asked to describe the last season in three words.

Paquin declared, “Oh! My! God!”

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