BANG BANG… BANG Nicki Minaj says she made love ‘3 or 4’ times a night

NICKI MInaj claims she had “three or four” flings a night with her s*x offender lover Kenneth Petty.

After a fan tweeted her and said: “Nicki probably getting d*** 6x a night and laughing when y’all keep stating 3,” the 36-year-old rapper boasted about their in-room shenanigans.

The ironic remark was retweeted by Nicki, who replied: “3-4 on average” to confirm that they are constantly teasing each other.

“6 is a bit much sis,” she continued.

Their intense s*x drive astounded onlookers, and one fan tweeted: “GIRL OMG YOU WILD.”
Someone another retorted, “Are there breaks for meals? Or are you all just getting hungry?

According to US media, Petty is a recognised s*xual offender who has served time for manslaughter and the attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl.

His criminal record came to light after Minaj shared a picture of her leg wrapped around the bad boy with her 96 million Instagram followers.

It’s no secret that both of us are running out of time, she said.

The new pair, who were seen together last month, reportedly just got back from a weekend vacation to celebrate Minaj’s 36th birthday.

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services reports that on September 16, 1994, Petty was detained by the NYPD’s S*x Offender Unit for engaging in “s*xual intercourse” with a female minor.

According to reports, the official conviction record claims that during the attempted rape, he utilised a “knife/cutting weapon (e.g., axe, ice pick, screwdriver, switchblade, Kung Fu stars, cane sword, etc.).”

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