Hitchhiker is searching for a Sleeping Place

A hitchhiker is searching for a sleeping place for the night as he came by a large farm.

He went over to the house and knocks on the door as the owner opens.

  • Do you have a place free for me to sleep tonight? I’m fine with your barn. I have a sleeping bag. I don’t need more.
  • Sure I have. But I warn you only once: keep away from my wife and my daughter, or I’ll shoot you without a warning.
  • OK, that’s fine.
  • Oh and you can do me a favor: My old shoes are pretty dirty. I have to clean them. They are at the door of the barn. Would you just bring them to me?
  • Yeah sure.

So the Hitchiker went over to the barn. Right as he stands at the door he sees the very h0t Wife and early twenties’ daughter.

He walks over to them and says:

  • Your husband and father send me over to fu*k you both very hard!

Both very upset: You damn liar, he would never ever say this! Just wait we go and ask him.

The Hitchhiker replied: Wait, I’ll do it.

He turns around right outside the door and loudly shouts: Both of them?

The owner replies: Of course both you Idiot!

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