Hide And Seek

Stacy, John, and I have been friends ever since we were children. From that point, we were practically inseparable. Every day after school we would hang out for hours walking around the block, playing tag, and hide and seek.

One day, it was my turn to be the seeker. I had a tough time trying to find them, but I eventually found John hidden behind some bushes in our neighbor’s house.

Stacy, however, could not find it. Ten minutes passed. Twenty. Thirty. She had found the best hiding spot ever.

We gave up and we’re yelling her name now, screaming it down the block, but no response. We decided to go to Stacy’s house to see if she went there.

The backdoor was slid open, and we knew we were always welcome in as our families were all very good friends, so John went to the kitchen and I went to the living room. John found nothing in the kitchen, and Stacy’s mom was in the living room.

The movie IT was playing on the television.

John asked me, “have you found Stacy yet?”

“No,” I replied. “But Stacy’s mom has got IT going on.”

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