Gynecologist Appointment

A woman has an appointment with her gynecologist, but oversleeps and wakes up 30 minutes before her morning appointment.

She has to drop her daughter at school first, so she runs to the bathroom and quickly wipes her neither regions with a flannel lying on the side of the bath and runs out the door.

After dropping off her daughter on the drive to the gynecologist she thinks about the fact she didn’t clean herself very well.

When she gets there she lies on the bed and spreads her legs for the inspection.
The gynecologist, whilst examining her looks up and says in a dry voice “I see you made an effort”.

Driving back home she thought about what he said.
Was he being sarcastic? Did it really look that bad?

Later that evening her daughter asked her “mummy, where is that flannel that was on the side of the bath?”

“Why?” she said.

“I used it earlier to wipe up some glitter I spilt on the floor”.

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