Girl Misunderstands Insurance Agent’s Request For Pics, Texts Him Embarrassing Photos Instead

Have you ever made a stupid decision? extremely, really stupid, like I believe we’ve all been there. Being simply human, it’s simple to make mistakes. Everybody occasionally makes mistakes or interprets things incorrectly.

Well, Alyssa experienced it. We can only share this uncomfortable incident with you now because Alyssa bravely chose to broadcast it to the world on social media. You see, when Alyssa set up to be added to her memaw’s auto insurance policy, she made a really embarrassing error.

Try not to laugh too hard when reading Alyssa’s account and her “really, really… REALLY blonde moment.”

This is Alyssa

This is Alyssa

Comments on the FB post were mostly positive:

Emphasis on “mostly” (though perhaps this is a positive compliment if you want to look at it like that.)


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