Funny Joke ‣ Forgetfulness And Checklist

Every morning, when I’m about leaving for work, my wife always reminds me of something that I forgot.

Sometimes the house keys, other times the office keys, often times my mobile phone, the charger or even documents and always finds the occasion to throw taunts at me like: “You’re starting to get old and lose your memory”.

In order to put an end to her sarcasm and no longer give her the opportunity to laugh, I now write down everything I usually forget on a sheet of paper before leaving the house.

Can you believe what happened today? I got ready to leave; I took my sheet of paper and started ticking off everything I needed to take. I smiled, already savoring my little victory…

Once I entered the car, my wife called me; I answered her with confidence and defiance: “Don’t even try! I haven’t forgotten anything today”

She started laughing and said to me: “Come back inside, today is Public Holiday!”

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