Four Nuns are arguing about Man’s Tool

four nuns are arguing about

what they think a man’s peeka feels like

and the Vicor overhears them he gets

really upset and he says you are nuns

you are not supposed to think about that

then he gets an idea and he says but

since you are such good loyal Servants

of the Lord and the church I will let

you each have a feel so you can stop

wondering so anyway afterwards they all

meet up and the first nun smiles and

says oh it’s like a kneeling cushion so

soft and warm the second nun says no my

sister it is more like the Himel firm

but one can still bend it the third nun

says no my sister is it’s like The

Bishop’s crook long and hard like wood a

fourth nun says no my sisters it’s like

a camel they all look at her like she’s

crazy and they say all together a camel

she says yes it spit on me

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