Colin Farrell Looks Back on the Tape Leak: ‘It Was a Low Point in My Life’

After completing rehab, Colin Farrell has discussed his fear of experiencing sx for the first time while sober.

The Irish actor says it was difficult to conduct his personal life without the use of drugs or drink when he cleaned up his lifestyle in 2005.

“I made love to a woman about two and a half years after I became clean, and it was one of the most terrible moments of my life,” he tells US Elle Magazine.

The time was afternoon. Both the drapes and the windows were open. To put it bluntly, it wasn’t f—, but it was great. She was quite kind. But it was dreadful. I was simply accustomed to being in clubs, dark areas, restrooms, and other similar situations.

A polished Colin Farrell has expressed contrition for prior events.

His regret over the infamous sx tape he recorded with a Playboy Playmate has also been made known.

On the 2005 tape he recorded with Nicole Narain, which quickly went viral, the former troubled youth opened out, telling the magazine:

“It surely didn’t serve as a testament to my skill. It was horrible all around. Okay, start the recording. Taboo. This is fascinating, right?”

Speaking to reporters in 2005 was Colin Farrell

speaking to

He claimed that the four hours of his deposition were spent him outlining his objections to its dissemination. “God forbid it’s a hotel room on-demand movie and my mother clicks purchase saying, “Oh, I haven’t watched this work of my son’s.”

In the romantic supernatural drama “A New York Winter’s Tale,” which stars Colin and Jessica Brown Findlay, a former “Downton Abbey” actor, a burglar falls in love with an heiress as she dies in his arms and decides to use his reincarnation skills to save her.

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