As a man and a woman lay on a beach, the man notices someone with a metal detector.

“I wonder if he’s found anything,” he says to his wife, “I’m gonna to go ask him.”

“C’mon honey, leave the loser alone.”

But he was already up and walking over. “Found anything?” the man calls out.

“Oh yes,” says the detectorist. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a ring. “I found this engagement ring. The owner lost it when she was cheating on her fiance.”

The man laughs, “That’s a nice ring and a nice story. What else do you got?”

The detectorist presents another ring. “This ring belonged to a married woman. She also lost it while having sex with another man on this beach.”

“Sure buddy,” said the man, “I should’ve listened to my wife.”

“Maybe,” says the detectorist as he pulled out another ring, “and while you’re at it, give this back to her.”

A look of shock comes over his face.

“Relax,” says the detectorist, “she only gave me head.”

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