Anthony’s mother and father were making Love

Anthony’s mother and father were making love together suddenly their son

catch them in the middle of their action after that their son’s curiosity

got the best of him he wanted to ask his father Dad how many types of tears are

there the father surprised response well son a woman goes through three phases in

her 20s a woman’s breasts are like melons round and firm in her 30s and 40s

they are like pear still nice hanging a bit after 50 they are like onions onions

the son asks yes you see them and they make you cry this infuriated his sister when

she heard this conversation the daughter asks her mom mom how many various

sort of wheelies are there the mother smiles and says well dear a man goes through

three stages also in his 20s his Willie is like an oak tree Mighty and hard in

his 30s and 40s it’s like a birch flexible but reliable after his 50s it’s

like a Christmas tree a Christmas tree the daughter asks yes dead from the

root toop and the bowls are just for decoration

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