Dave goes to the doctor for Love Life issues .

Dave goes to the doctor and tells him that he’s been unable to please his wife in bed. After finding nothing wrong physically, the doctor asks if their bedroom is comfortable. “Now that you mention it, it’s the hottest room in the house,” says Dave. “And right now I can’t afford an air conditioner or even a floor fan.” “In that case,” says the doctor, “you might consider having a friend come over and fan you and your wife with a towel while you make love. That might help.” So that night Dave calls his old friend, Frank, and explains the situation, and he agrees to help. Frank comes over, stands by the bed, and fans them with a towel while they start going at it. Ten minutes pass, then twenty, and Dave’s wife is no closer to an orgasm than when they started. Exasperated, Dave has an idea. “Hey, Frank, why don’t I fan the towel while you do it with my wife? It’s worth a try.” His wife and Frank agreed to try it. Frank strips down, and he’s built like a Greek god. His huge penis is standing up like a proud warrior. He joins Dave’s wife on the bed while Dave takes the towel and starts waving it. Within minutes, the wife is in the throes of loud ecstasy. “See that, Frank?” shouts Dave triumphantly. “That’s how you wave a towel!”

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