An Older Couple wants to try SW!NGING

an older couple had been together

for 40 years now and they had never had

anyone else in their lives and they both

had been for a long time thinking how it

would be to have a swing with someone

else one day in the morning while they

were having breakfast the man reads the

newspaper and notices that on Saturday

there will be a swinger party at their

Village he shows the ad to his wife and

they both agree that this is definitely

once in A- lifetime opportunity for them

so it’s finally the big day and they get

ready to leave they go to the place and

once there they immediately notice this

young couple who for some reason also

seems very interested in them they order

a couple of drinks and they all chat and

laugh together for about 30 minutes

before they finally agree that they will

split and meet back here after some time

after about 1 hour and 30 minutes they

come back and they all get dressed and

head back to home

home the lady seems to be pleased and

asks her husband so how was your time

with the young

lady the man says it was

disappointing oh how come well she sure

was beautiful but she was so young and

full of energy that I couldn’t even keep

up with her and didn’t finish at

all the woman pauses for a while and

says oh I’m sorry to hear that honey the

man asks her but what about

yours the woman makes a big pause and

makes the biggest smile ever and says it

was amazing he was so full of energy

that he took me three times and really

made me feel

great the man keeps quiet for a while

and then says oh well I should have done

the math earlier 20 goes into 60 a lot

more times than 60 goes into

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