Alyssa Milano Talks About These S-x Scenes That Made Her Feel Uncomfortable

In “The Grip of Vice,” Alyssa Milano and actor Sam Page have an intim@te relationship amid a police investigation. The actress struggled to shoot these romantic scenes in the midst of a pandemic.

Since January 13 Netflix offers its subscribers the film The Grip of Vice. A thriller carried by Alyssa Milano who plays a novelist specializing in criminology and who decides to investigate the murder of his sister. The latter, who was a good teacher in all respects, actually had a secret, a double life as a camgirl which she had hidden from her sister.

Despite its rather evocative title, we cannot say that The Grip of Vice offers very daring scenes. If Alyssa Milano is fine until she puts on a latex SM catsuit, anyway, it’s only a little kiss here, and a hug over there with his playmate Sam Page. However, these famous scenes were quite difficult to play for the actress. This is what she revealed during an interview given on the Youtube channel Pay or Wait.

In it, she explains that the big problem for her is that the film was shot in the midst of a pandemic and that sanitary measures were necessarily applied with, in particular, wearing a mask. Thus, it was much more difficult for her to connect with your partner before starting in warm embraces and that a certain discomfort was therefore felt.

It was quite embarrassing because, since the film was shot during the pandemic, we had a whole bunch of protections. Usually it is possible to create a connection with your partner and to prepare the love scenes well. We were able to rehearse but with all the equipment on us. So it was really difficult to have that connection.

However, the actress believes that this embarrassment was finally able help develop their characters. In the film, Grace and Ed begin their romance. They will get to know each other over the course of the feature film, as was the case for Alyssa Milano and Sam Page. An evil for a good therefore since the actress retains in the end the positive of this shooting. The Grip of Vice is available on Netflix.

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