Blake Lively Tells All About Her ‘Intense’ S-x Scenes In ‘Savages’

Blake handles Hollywood hotties Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson as her two boyfriends and has some very s-xy scenes in the upcoming drug thriller Savages!

Blake Lively opens up about her sizzling love scenes with Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson in Oliver Stone‘s Savages. Um, could we be more jealous?

“I think some women think one is enough but that’s what was nice about this movie,” Blake tells Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood. “You would think it would be, it’s normally the guy with the two women.”

Well not in this case, Blake takes charge and gets it on with both of her co-stars. Blake reveals that the love scenes were shot on the very first day of filming. “It’s not the sort of office work that I signed up for,” she jokes. “They were very intense and very scary and we shot them on the first day and I mean if you don’t feel comfortable with a person after that its going to be a long road. It was lucky that we got to do that first ultimately because we really bonded.”

Furthermore, Blake talked about the brutal reality of the film, which marks the lives of the Mexican drug cartel members and a girl who is kidnapped. This is some serious stuff and a far cry from her Gossip Girl role. She said, “The content is something that’s really scary, you know especially someone who’s so close with their family and has a very young audience. But to do something this violent, this graphic, this racy is something that’s scary but its also it was such an exciting challenge.” She continues, “When you hear these people and hear that it’s their real life story, it gives you such a responsibility to do it well and do it right.”

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