Jennifer Lawrence on n-de photo hacking scandal

Jennifer Lawrence says she is still traumatised by her explicit pics being leaked.

When her iCloud account was hacked in 2014, her explicit images were published, and the Hunger Games actor acknowledged in a recent interview with Vanity Fair that the experience still affects her.

“Anyone can go look at my private parts without my consent at any time of day,” she stated of the leak’s invasion of her privacy.

“They were recently released in France. My trauma will last a lifetime.”

Lawrence explained at the time that she was scared the leaked images would harm her career, so she held back her first reaction of apologising for the photos.

In 2014, she told Vanity Fair: “I started writing an apology but couldn’t think of anything to apologise for. For four years, I was in a happy, healthy relationship. It was a long distance relationship, and either your guy will look at p*rn or at you.”


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