A Young Handsome Traveler and Beautiful Wife

A young handsome traveler is stumbling through the forest when he comes across a clearing with a tower in it. He is tired, thirsty, hungry, so he goes to knock on the tower door. An ancient looking old man answers the door. He offers the young man food, drink, and shelter for the night.

When the traveler sits down at the dinner table, he was shocked to see that the old man had a very young and very beautiful wife. After satisfying his appetites, his attention turns to the beautiful wife. He realizes that the wife sleeps at the top of the tower and the ancient old man sleeps at the bottom. He didn’t like climbing stairs in his old age. Despite the kindness the old man showed him, he couldn’t help but be tempted by this beautiful creature.

In the middle of the night, the young man sneaks upstairs to the wife’s bedroom and s*duces her. After many rounds of passion he’s exhausted and falls asleep.

When he woke up he realizes there is a very heavy rock in his chest. Taped to the ceiling is a sign that says “Ancient torture techniques step one. Put rock on chest.”

The young man struggles to lift the rock and chucks the rock out the window in anger. At the windowsill he sees another sign. “Ancient torture technique step two. Tie rock to right testicle.”

In a panic the young man looks down and sees his right nut tied to a string that’s rapid going out the tower window. In horror he does the unthinkable and leaps out the window after the rock.

As he is plummeting towards the ground, he sees a third sign that says “Ancient torture technique step three. Tie left t*sticle to bed post.”

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