A young Boy walks into a BR0THEL

A young boy walks into a brothel dragging a dead frog on a leash behind him. He goes straight up to the pimp and says: “I need a girl for an hour.”.

“Haha! You’ve got to be joking boy, you’re just a kid!” replies the pimp.

Boy throws a pack of money onto the table.

Pimp: “Well, in that case everything can be arranged just like you want.”
Boy: “Good. Just make sure she has syphilis.”
Pimp: “Excuse me? That’s not something we can do as all our girls are clean!”

Boy throws another pack of money onto the table.

Pimp: “Alright, I’ll get you one with syphilis if you insist but, before I do, tell me – why in the world do you need that?”

Boy: “You see, I’ll sleep with this girl and get infected. Then I’ll go home and sleep with my nanny and infect her. Dad will go to see her later on and get infected too, after which he will infect my mum during the night. When dad leaves in the morning my mum will head out to infect the milkman, which is the f**ker that KILLED MY FROG!!!”

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