I took my Wife to a Sw!ngers club – FUNNY JOKE

So after talking it over for the past few months my wife finally agreed to go with me to a swingers club. She wore a really cute skirt, so I knew she was more excited than she let on. Anyway, we got there and the hostess greeted us and instantly could tell she was nervous so she offered us the use of a more private area so we could watch some of the other people a bit discreetly while we got comfortable with what happens there. We ordered a couple of drinks and then got settled in and my wife began to relax bit and I could tell she was enjoying it more and more as time went on. After a while another couple came over to our area and offered to join us and my wife enthusiastically said yes. Well, a couple drinks later and I’ll tell you my wife was relaxed enough that most of her shots were getting right on target and she was hitting her driver a solid 175 yards. Anyway we’ll be going back to top golf next week and now I’m afraid she’s really getting interested in the lifestyle. A big thanks to the staff at Top Golf for turning the Mrs into a swinger. Now she’s shopping for a whole new wardrobe.

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