A young boy took off a nun’s…FUNNY JOKE

A hippie walks on a bus and sees a nun. Being this straightforward kind of guy he is, he says, Hey baby, want to have?

The nun says, God no, so she gets off the bus angry. When the hippie is about to get off the bus, the bus driver asks him, hey man, you see that graveyard across the street?

The hippie goes, yeah I see, what about it? Well, every Tuesday night at 8:30, the nun goes to the top of the hill to pray.

If you dress up as a ghost and tell her to have with you, she’ll have to. The hippie replied, sweet.

So Tuesday night comes and the hippie has a ghost costume. 8:30 comes and here comes the nun.

The hippie pops out and says, I am the ghost of a man buried here and I commend you to have with me.

The nun goes, well, okay, but I have a virgin aspect so it has to be.

So the nun and the hippie have, and the hippie runs away and says, ha ha ha, I was actually the hippie, and the nun said, ha ha ha, I’m actually the bus driver.

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