a woman who wants to get a breast implant…

there’s a woman who wants to get a breast implant…

She talks to her doctor and he says “I have the perfect product for you! We invented a pump that can be inflated by flapping your upper arms. If you want to deflate when you, say, go running, you can deflate them by pushing a button under your arms”. She said, “Alright, ill get that”.

The surgery was a success, and she recovered from surgery in a few weeks. To test the product out, she went to the bar that night to get the attention of the bartender whom she liked. She walked in, and he smiled and said hello. She ordered a drink, and when he gave it to her, she flapped her arms and inflated her breasts. The bartender had a look of surprise,
and walked to the other side of the bar. He started flapping his thighs and said “Will you look at that! I think we got the same doctor!”.

Heard that one at the barber shop. Always tell it at family events.

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