A Wind Lifts The Woman’s Skirt And a MAN … FUNNY JOKE

A woman goes to a psychiatrist and says to the man I have a huge problem I cannot handle but I don’t know how to even start explaining it.
The psychiatrist looks at her and says in a calm voice no worries just tell the whole story and I will listen and let’s see what I can do for you.
so the woman starts it has been going on for many years now it seems that when ever any man just looks at me in that way I just go wild and let him have his way with me.
The psychiatrist then asks so when was the last time this happened and can you explain to me the whole story how it all went down.
so the woman continues it was 2 days ago when I was walking down the street and a sudden wind lifted my skirt and of course there was a man behind me who saw this and he came out to me and said looking good but you should should maybe consider wearing some underwear when you walk in such a dress and of course we started talking and ended up at his place 30 minutes later the psychiatrist thinks for awhile and then says I see and you want me to strengthen your will power and resolve this matter the woman looks at him with big eyes and says of course not I want you to fix it so I won’t feel guilty and depressed afterwards

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