A man said to his young wife put my thing in your mouth and…

A guy is walking along the shoreline at the beach wearing just a pair of cut off jeans.

Sure enough, he kicks up a bottle, pulls the cork, and out comes the genie to give him one wish.

He pulls out a map of the Middle East and asks the genie if he can bring peace to this part of the world.

The genie pales and says, Master, these people have been at war since time began.

It is their nature woven into the very fabric of their lives. What you ask is totally impossible, it is probably the only wish I cannot grant you.

Ask for anything else and I will make it happen.

Okay, the guy says, tomorrow morning have my wife awaken me, with the best bad job I’ve ever had, on her own, without my begging and pleading, just because she likes it, because she wants to, and because it turns her on.

The genie shakes his head and says, let me see that map again.

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