A man goes into a BR0THEL in Amsterdam one night.

a man goes into a brothel in Amsterdam one night. he finds from there a very attractive young woman and asks her, “how much do you charge for 1 hour?” the woman says, €200. he thinks for a while and then says, “fine, but do you do Glasgow style?” she says, no, I don’t. the man then says, “well what about if I give you €300?” will you do Glasgow style then? the woman says no I will not do glasgow style. the man thinks for a while and is almost about to leave when finally he says, listen lady, I’ll give you €500, if you do Glasgow Style with me. the woman thinks and then says, fine, I accept the offer. let’s go to that room. so they get inside the room and they do it in every kind of way and in every possible way. finally after several intense hours, they finish exhausted. she turns to him and says I’ve never enjoyed it so much, but I was really expecting something perverted and disgusting. what is this Glasgow style? the man looks at her and says I’ll pay you next week. LOL😁😁

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