A woman had a fun with a man sitting next to her during Flight

a woman sits down on a plane for a long flight, sitting in the window seat. next to her is a middle-aged man. sometime after the plane takes off, the man lets out a small achoo. immediately he unzips his pants, pulls his d*ck out and wipes it off. aghast, the woman is so stunned that before she can speak. he’s zipped back up. staring out the window like nothing happened. sometime later she hears, achoo. the man quickly pulls his d*ck out, wipes it off, and puts it back. three or four times later, after the shock has worn off and curiosity winds out, the woman finally works up the courage to confront the man. “excuse me sir,” she asks “I can’t help but notice your situation there. Is there something wrong with you? do you have some sort of problem I should know abou? “ah that I have a very rare neurological condition you see.” he replies, “every time I sneeze I involuntarily or*sm.” “oh that’s terrible.” responds the woman. “I’m so sorry, are you taking anything to control it.?” “yes” he says, “pepper.”

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