A man comes home and sees his wife laying with her legs wide open.

a woman has been working the whole day

and was exhausted she stops at the

grocery store on her way home and calls

her husband. honey what would you like

for dinner today? the husband thinks for

a long time and says, I have no idea I’m

too busy at the moment at the office.

surprise me. so they hang up the phone

and the woman is left

confused. what should she buy and prefer

for there? she finishes at the grocery

store and heads

home, and makes herself a quick snack

while waiting for her husband to finish

work. the man finally finishes his work

as well and gets to his car and drives

home. when he arrives and opens the door

he’s surprised to see his wife laying in

front of the fireplace with her legs

wide open. she looks at him with a big

smile and waits for him to get

closer. now the man is looking at her

with big eyes and asks honey what are

you doing? so the woman moves a bit

closer to the fireplace and opens her

legs once again. and says well now I’m hitting up

your dinner.

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